Nanoporous Materias & NanoFilters


Nanoporous Materias


Medical equipment has seen a significant boost in innovation thanks to the advancements in nanotechnology, specifically with the creation of nanoporous materials. These incredible structures, designed at the nanoscale, have numerous microscopic pores, which give them exceptional properties and a wide range of applications. Nanoporous materials have been widely adopted for the development of cutting-edge nanofilters and antimicrobial surfaces, bringing about a remarkable transformation across various industries.


Development and Nano-Characterization of Antimicrobial Surfaces

Our technologies focus on creating and analyzing surfaces with antimicrobial properties at the nanoscale. The aim is to develop innovative materials that can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, contributing to improved hygiene and safety in various applications, such as healthcare and consumer products.


Development of NanoFilters®

These filters are designed at the nanoscale level, allowing them to effectively capture and remove tiny particles from various substances, such as air and water. Nanofilters have applications in purifying drinking water, improving air quality, and enhancing industrial processes. Their miniature size and precise filtration capabilities make them highly efficient in trapping contaminants, making them a promising solution for addressing environmental and health challenges related to pollution. Some of the applications are in face masks enchansing the commercial filter 1000 times