Nanomed for implants


BL Nanobio­med offers inte­grated and cus­tomized solu­tions for the devel­op­ment of the novel nano­ma­te­ri­als (drug deliv­ery nanosys­tems, nanopar­ti­cles, scaf­folds and nanocoat­ings) processes, equip­ment and qual­ity con­trol tools that can be effi­ciently com­bined for improved implants performance.

Novel Drug Deliv­ery Nanosystems

…for the Con­stant release of anti-​inflammatory, anti-​restenotic, anti-​thrombotic Drugs to over­come Stent com­pli­ca­tions and pro­mote tis­sue regeneration.

…that guar­an­tee a Sus­tained Release of anti-​inflammatory drugs or antibi­otics from ortho­pe­dic implants & sur­gi­cal tools.

…for the sus­tained Intraoc­u­lar release of anti-​inflammatory drugs after cataract surgery.


Nanoporous mul­ti­func­tional mate­ri­als for drug delivery

What can we achieve with the engi­neered Drug Elut­ing Nanosystems?

A) Con­trol­lable, tar­geted and sus­tain­able drug release at the dis­eased site for opti­mized effectiveness

B) Customer-​made design to meet the require­ments for each med­ical application

C) Deliv­ery of dif­fer­ent drugs even insol­u­ble ones

D) Min­i­mized tox­i­c­ity due to their full biodegrad­abil­ity and no per­ma­nent pres­ence in the human body

E) Appli­ca­tion to a wide range of implants and bio­med­ical devices (e.g. car­dio­vas­cu­lar, ortho­pe­dic, sur­gi­cal, neu­ro­log­i­cal implants, lens, patches, etc)

…Such sys­tems will form the basic com­po­nents of highly added value med­ical prod­ucts designed to diag­nose and treat human diseases.

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Ther­a­nos­tic Biodegrad­able Nanoparticles

…for Tar­geted Diag­nos­tic and Ther­a­peu­tic Activities


Scaf­folds for Drug Deliv­ery and Tis­sue Regeneration

…for Sus­tained and Con­trol­lable Drug Release and Tis­sue Regeneration


Tis­sue Engi­neered Implants

Nanofibers onto stents that release anti-​inflammatory drugs and pro­mote stent endothe­lial­iza­tion to avoid stent throm­bo­sis and restenosis


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