About Us

BL Nanobio­med is a high-​tech com­pany that applies Nanomed­ical Tech­nolo­gies to deal with unmet Clin­i­cal needs.

BL Nanobio­med focuses on the Devel­op­ment of novel Nanomed­i­cine Tech­nolo­gies and Man­u­fac­tur­ing Processes for Advanced Nano-​enabled Prod­ucts such as Pro­tec­tive NanoFil­ters with Enhanced Prop­er­ties against Viral Par­ti­cles, Tis­sue Engi­neer­ing and Drug Deliv­ery Sys­tems, Biosen­sors and Sen­sors for Health and Wear­ables, Cos­met­ics and more.

Our Com­pany uti­lizes Advanced Nanoscale Tech­niques for the thor­ough Char­ac­ter­i­za­tion and Val­i­da­tion of our Ser­vices, ensur­ing the GMP and high Qual­ity of our final Product.


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