Nanomed for implants

Over­all Services

Design, Devel­op­ment, Val­i­da­tion, Pro­to­typ­ing, Pro­duc­tion & Com­mer­cial­iza­tion of:

  • Drug Deliv­ery Nanoplat­form for drug elut­ing implants and bio­med­ical devices
  • Smart nano­ma­te­ri­als, thin films to advance implants’ performance
  • Nanoporous thin films and scaf­folds for drug deliv­ery and tis­sue regeneration
  • Nanopar­ti­cles for the effec­tive diag­no­sis & treat­ment of diseases
  • Novel drug elut­ing nanosys­tems for Drug Elut­ing Stents to over­come the com­pli­ca­tions of stent throm­bo­sis and restenosis
  • IPs gen­er­a­tion, Tech­nol­ogy Con­sult­ing and Licens­ing to 3 rd parties
  • Tech­nol­ogy trans­fer pro­vid­ing inte­grated solu­tions for the pro­duc­tion of nanomed­ical products


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