Clin­i­cal Hurdles


Ath­er­o­scle­ro­sis causes Steno­sis of the arter­ies that leads to Heart Attack or Stroke
Cur­rent Treat­ment: Angio­plasty with Stent Implan­ta­tion that release drugs


Drug Elut­ing Stents (DES) Complications

  • Inflam­ma­tion of Ves­sel Wall (caused by high ini­tial amount of drug release and non-​biodegradable polymers)
  • Stent Throm­bo­sis leads to Heart Attack, Car­diac Arrest


Osteoarthri­tis is the most com­mon arthri­tis and it is a Pro­gres­sive Degen­er­a­tive Joint dis­ease
Cur­rent Treat­ment: Joint replace­ments by ortho­pe­dic implants

Implant Com­pli­ca­tions

  • Infec­tion, Sepsis
  • Fail, Loosen
  • Release debris
  • Implant fail­ure & New surgery

Cataract, the cloud­ing of the crys­talline lens of the eye, is a lead­ing cause of visual impair­ment worldwide.


Treat­ment: Lens sur­gi­cal replacement

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